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How To Deal With Insecurities That Can Ruin Your Life

Get over insecurities that are controlling your life

you can change your lifeHow many times have you made a decision to take on project or challenge that you’ve really wanted to do?  But before you’ve barely got started something comes up and that’s when it all comes to a halt. And often it’s all due to your insecurities that star  to kick in.

And without realizing it you may even have started coming up with excuses such as not having enough time or money. Or that the project is not really that important.  You can talk yourself into putting it on the back burner for another time. And it doesn’t ever get done!

The fear of making mistakes

Also a huge roadblock to success is being fearful of making mistakes.  So if you don’t even try no one will know.  And you won’t have to deal with the feeling of failure and disappointment of letting yourself down again.

But what’s really going on is your old paradigm has taken over and you’re doubting yourself and your capabilities.  Plus there’s that little voice in your head reminding you that you’re not good enough. That you don’t follow through or complete what you start etc.

It’s re-enforcing the doubts and beliefs you already have about yourself.

Where do insecurities come from…

 And why is it that as much as you want to be more confident it just doesn’t seem to happen for you?  And then there’s the voices of those uninvited little gremlins you carry around with you. They keep popping up and chime in to remind you that you’re  not smart enough or capable enough. It seems they try to ruin your life.

Reach your full potential

All these negative messages chip away at your self esteem and confidence  keeping you stuck in the boost confidencesame place.  And most of all they stop you from exploring your true potential and getting what you really want.

It’s as if you set yourself up with every intention of succeeding but are doomed before you start.  In many of us there is a constant battle within to achieve our full potential and do great things with confidence which is somehow crippled by our insecurities and self-doubt.

All this ends up doing is reinforcing your feelings of being inadequate and it depletes your confidence even more.  And it becomes a vicious circle. Insecurities can be quite a beast to overcome.  But before you can solve a problem you first  have to know that you have one.

How to deal with insecurity

If you accept this is a problem for you then you need to know that Everything Starts With Your Thoughts! So if you want to change your life you have to change your thoughts.

And you really do have the power to do this! You can take control of your mind rather than let it control you. The bottom line is what you think about is what you’ll experience in your life.

If your thoughts are focused on negative things you’ll experience negativity in your life.  And when you focus on positive things you will experience positivity in your life. Always focus on solutions rather than problems otherwise you’ll stay stuck in the problem.

Control your thoughts

trust yourselfUnfortunately most people think they have no control over what happens to them. They become victims of circumstance, they’re completely unaware of how much personal power they actually do have. And it all begins with your mind and the ability you have to change it.

Our minds are programmed at a very young age, during our early years our sub conscious mind is like a sponge.  It absorbs everything we repeatedly hear, see and experience.  And then what happens is other peoples beliefs and habits end up  becoming ours and we live our life life this. This programming becomes something called our paradigm.

Reprogram the subconscious mind

 All the information flows into our subconscious mind where it stays and we keep repeating the same things and it can cause havoc until we update it. We do this by replacing it with better beliefs and habits etc.

When we’re really young we don’t have the capability of thinking for ourselves or questioning if something is right or wrong.  So our mind becomes programmed with other people stuff. Most of this comes from our parents or primary care givers during that time. (Another way paradigms are created is through trauma).

We are conditioned throughout life to believe these insecurities and beliefs are true.  From cultural conditioning to what we believe as other people’s opinions, we allow the insecurities to grow to be unruly and unrelenting.

What is holding you back

  • Self-deprecating talk.
  • Lack of confidence when you have to make decisions.
  • Focusing on the negative in situations.
  • Overly critical of self, putting yourself down.
  • Expecting rejection.
  • Find it difficult to stand up for yourself.
  • Difficulty accepting compliments from others.
  • Avoid taking risks.
  • Care too much about what other people think.

If any of these resonate with you it’s definitely time to take back control of your life.  It’s time to stop allowing these insecurities to hold you back from what you want.  Just think of all the opportunities you’ve already missed. Don’t allow others to slip through your fingers.

Improve your confidence

When you take control of your thoughts you will change your actions, increase your confidence and change or samehave the courage to pursue what you truly want.

I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to focus on your thoughts.  Be very vigilant…when you find yourself falling into negativity flip the switch right away to positivity as that’s the only sure way to change the way you feel. Think about it you can’t feel happy and miserable at the same time. So choose happy!

Change negative beliefs

 You have to make the decision of what you want and stick to it. Be firm override those negative beliefs and old habits and keep doing it repeatedly until it becomes your new paradigm.

Sounds easy enough, right?  It’s not easy but it’s most definitely worth it!  The hardest thing is to keep pulling yourself back from the old beliefs and habits etc. Don’t let the old paradigm win, recognize what’s happening and do it repeatedly.

To have lasting change it takes time, it also takes making the definite decision to do it and repeating the same things over and over.  Wishy washy does not work it takes definitely!

Developing new habits

transform your thinkingIt will take this repetition to get the new messages into your subconscious mind. This is where they’ll become new habits and beliefs that are actually going to support you and chase your doubts and insecurities away.

Because I’ve learned so much from mentors over the years I know this concept really works. So if you are really serious about making lasting change in your life I would suggest you learn more about it too. Because once you do understand how it all works you’ll believe it can work for you too and you’ll succeed!

Personal Development training courses

There’s no getting away from the fact that there are times we all need a bit of help to get us out of the rut we’re in and moving forward again. When it comes to the most important aspect of changing your thoughts  which in turn change your life I recommend that you learn from the best.

And one of the very best teachers I know on this subject and that I still enjoy listening to  is Bob Proctor. If you don’t know who he is, Bob is someone that’s been studying this for more than 55 years.

He was also one of the contributors to the best-selling book “The Secret.” Bob is a real inspiration, he’s amazing to watch and listen to. He really knows his stuff and has a great style of teaching it to others. He makes it interesting and entertaining.

I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending him to anyone that wants to improve their life whether it’s a little or for major changes.  But to become successful first you have to make the decision and commit to doing what it takes!

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