Mind Power

Managing Your Mind To Lower Fear And Anxiety During Covid-19

Remember Your Mindset Is Everything Right Now.  I know, it’s not easy these days. So having the right mindset is more important now than ever. Most people find that their lives have changed dramatically in these past weeks. And many are locked down at home wondering what to think and what  do with themselves.  Also […]

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how to deal with lifes challenges

How Do You Deal With Life Challenges?

The Importance Of Developing Effective Coping Strategies Throughout our life we find that life throws lots of challenges at us, some bigger than others. And how we handle them makes all the difference. How do you deal with life challenges when they come up for you? Are you strong, bold, and resilient and tackle challenges […]

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success mindset

Change Your Mindset Change Your Life

Overcoming challenges in life using your mindset We all have to deal with challenges if life, it’s a fact and there’s no getting away from it. And they’ll continue to show up throughout our life.  So if it’s going to happen anyway the best thing we can do is learn to deal with them in […]

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you can change your life

How To Deal With Insecurities That Can Ruin Your Life

Get over insecurities that are controlling your life How many times have you made a decision to take on project or challenge that you’ve really wanted to do?  But before you’ve barely got started something comes up and that’s when it all comes to a halt. And often it’s all due to your insecurities that […]

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Living your life

How To Live The Life You Want

Life is too short to wake up with regrets When you really consider what a lifetime is you realize that it isn’t that long. So you’d wonder why anyone would want to waste it? But it’s amazing how many people do. If they look back on their life they often feel disappointment and regret of […]

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live abundantly

The Secret To Living An Abundant Life

Change your thinking …change your life The way we think greatly impacts the results we have in our life, in every area. It dictates everything, so you have to be very careful what you’re thinking of and wish for. Most people want an abundant life but don’t think they can have it. But what does […]

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uncconscious mind

How The Sub Conscious Mind Controls Your Life

Change your thinking and you’ll change your life When you take control of your mind and your thoughts you can have the type of life you really want. You need not be controlled by anyone or anything else. It’s really important to understand just how much the sub conscious really does mind controls your life. […]

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the fear of failure

The Fear Of Failure Is Bound To Impact Your Life

Don’t let fear hold you back So many people get stuck in their life and never get what they want because they are immobilized by the fear of failure. They are afraid to take chances, or try something new in case they fail and that they may look foolish. Or that they make a decision […]

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