Living your life

How To Live The Life You Want

Life is too short to wake up with regrets

Living your lifeWhen you really consider what a lifetime is you realize that it isn’t that long. So you’d wonder why anyone would want to waste it? But it’s amazing how many people do. If they look back on their life they often feel disappointment and regret of missed opportunities.

Maybe they don’t feel that they made a difference or used what they had in a positive way.

Once we die, there is no going back for a redo. So it’s really time to double down and take a look at how you’re living your own life. It’s time to learn how to live the life you want!

Don’t waste your life

How are you using your gifts, your potential, your time, knowledge and life experiences? You have this one life which most of us are fortunate enough and capable of choosing what we want to make of it.  Are you creating the type of  life you really want?

And whether the life you choose is amazing and exciting or dull and boring it’s going to be up to you. Some people go all in on life and make the very most of what’s possible for them. They take the challenges, seize opportunities and find happiness and fulfillment.

Take control of your own destiny

And others don’t really live it at all, they’re in survival mode and never reach out for what’s possible. They let life happen to them as if they have no control over their own needs and wants. And the real truth is so many people don’t know what they want let alone have any real goals.

But everyone can strive to be better and do better in whatever they do.  So be the best version of you. We all have areas where we could probably do better, maybe as a family member, a parent, son or daughter. Be a better friend, co worker and ultimately a better human being.

Leave the past behind

You’re not going to live forever so do what’s important and what you want to achieve while you are able.

let the past go
Business vision, perspective and time passing concept: past, present and future on long endless road with hourglasses towards blue sky with white clouds

Your past is just that, it’s past, focus on the now and the future.  Whatever mistakes you may have made in the past you have another chance to do better. And to make different choices.

After making a mistake I’ve had people say “I made my bed now I’ve got to lay in it”. Basically they feel they can’t change their mind when things go bad. One particular case was a woman living in an miserable, dead marriage.

Somehow she felt because she’d made a decision to marry someone many years ago that she stuck with it and can’t change her mind.  And so she has to continue being punished forever. Two miserable people in a dead relationship just living under the same roof. Where’s the sense in that?

Each day is a new beginning

And another opportunity to improve your circumstances. Don’t limit your potential and your chance of happiness and fulfillment in your life. It’s time to aim higher don’t settle for less in your personal or professional life. And be relentless also focus on being the best version of yourself.

It’s never too late to build yourself up, become more confident, improve your self esteem and your sense of self. Don’t let anyone tell you you’re not good enough, not worthy, or that you can’t do something, stand up for yourself.

Taking control of your thoughts

the brainPay real attention to what you think about because it’s your thoughts that are really controlling your life. And examine if the thoughts, beliefs and behaviors you find yourself  obsessing on, are actually your thoughts or have they been passed on by someone else.

When your life’s not working out the way you want it, to change it you have to change your thoughts. And to have them be in alignment with you and what you want.

Taking control of your own life

Maybe you’ve even tried to make some major changes previously, possibly even a number of times.  And  chances are you’ve given up without getting what you want because you didn’t see any real results. Maybe things didn’t work out the way you wanted  but don’t blame yourself. We all go through this at times…just don’t quit!

How the subconscious mind works

The mind is tricky and you need to understand more about how it works.  Your conscious mind is your intellectual mind, the thinking  and reasoning mind. Your subconscious mind is your emotional mind, it’s where all those ingrained beliefs and habits reside creating your paradigm.

Paradigms are a mental program that takes over our habitual behavior. It’s a collection of habits passed down from generation to generation.

Once you do understand it better you’ll see why it’s such a challenge to make lasting changes in your life. And the truth is that to change behaviors, habits and beliefs doesn’t happen real fast it takes time. You have to totally replace the old with the new.

Take control of your subconscious mind

It takes repetition, doing something over and over again until that the message goes into the learning to drivesubconscious mind.  Then it becomes something you don’t have to really think about anymore it becomes automatic. Think driving the learning and doing it so often that it becomes automatic. And then these new habits, beliefs and behaviors are created and they’ll stick. This is how you update your paradigm from the old to the new.  And until you do this it will be really difficult to have any permanent changes in your life. But if you’re  truly committed and determined you can do it!

Learn from the experts

Do yourself a favor, this is something I strongly suggest if you really are serious and want success. Seek help from those that really know this stuff, the most knowledgeable and very best in this field.

There are a few people I could recommend that I have learned so much from and I’ve loved their training.   But if I had to choose just one of those teachers and their programs I would choose Bob Proctor. I highly recommend him. He is a great presenter with an excellent team. He makes the topic easy to understand and he’s entertaining.

Bob has studied this stuff for over 50 years. He’s also featured in ” The Secret”. His have been my favorite courses and I have done a lot of them.

Build lasting success

live a dream lifeLook, if you’re really serious about changing your life it makes so much sense to go all in. And it can turn your life around to be something amazing and set you up for permanent success and change.

We should all have dreams but we must be prepared to take action and put in the work to make it happen. You need the will to do it! And also remember that some of the things that happen to you through life are the things you needed to learn.

It makes no sense to ignore and waste the potential you already have, even if you’re not really aware of  what that may be.  Life is not as long as you might think and for most of us life is way too short.

So forget the norms, and remember you are the star, lead character and superhero of your own movie which is your life. So ask yourself, what would the super star/hero in the movie your in do next? And be sure to bet on yourself!


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