Self Care

money isn't everything

The Secret To A Happy Life It’s Not Just About The Money

How to get what you want in life I always want people to achieve whatever they really want in life.  But I’m also very aware that most people never get to achieve or get anything like they deserve. And it’s mainly because they don’t believe in themselves, their worth and their capabilities. This is a […]

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self acceptance

Learn To Accept Yourself Regardless Of Imperfections!

Everyone has flaws None of us is perfect and we all have flaws.  No matter how convinced you may be that perfection in others is possible, it’s not so.  There’s no way that you are flawed but others are not.  Think again!  Not a single human being is flawless, so stop beating yourself up. We […]

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living in the moment

Finding Inner Peace And Happiness

Learn to live in the moment  Humans have been searching for inner peace for thousands of years and we have not stopped the quest to conquer the mental state of true serenity. Most people are constantly  pushing themselves to do more. And the only thing many of them are achieving is burnout, or at least […]

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