Use The Power Of Your Mind To Bounce Back Faster In Difficult Times

Take Control Of Your Thoughts To Turn Your Life Around And Live Your Wildest Dreams!

your dream life

So many people go through life on autopilot never fulfilling their dreams. They let life just happen to them rather than make life work for them. And many others just hope that one day their life will be better than it is presently. But things just don’t change on their own. And we do have a lot more power over what’s going on in our own lives than we think.

We can’t control everything that goes on outside of us with other people and situations. However, we do have the ability to control our own thoughts and choices. And this where it all begins with our thoughts ,they lead to our choices and then actions. It’s important to know how much power we actually have to change the things we don’t like. Also the way we live.

Be sure to know exactly what you want in life

So we start the process of change in our mind and with the way we think.  And if by now you are ready to make change in your life, you first have to know what it is that you do want. But don’t start trying to figure out the how  it’s going to happen right now. If you do it’ll just create an obstacle and could prevent you from going any further.  And it will just hold you back. So don’t let the how get in the way of your what!

When you become really clear on the What  then it’s time to take a leap of faith.  And then the How will begin to show up in your life and you’ll start figuring it out from there.

Are you presently going through a difficult time in your life or just feeling stuck

We all have stuff to deal with, no one is immune when it comes to loss, grief and disappointments in life. Becoming single again, children leaving home, losing loved ones, living alone, and dealing with health issues. These are all major life changes.

Sometimes something will come up in your life that you think you’ll never be able to cope with or overcome. But as difficult as it may be at the time you do survive it! And think about the other things you’ve already survived, and to prove it you’re still here!

And if you don’t adapt to the change in life it will really drag you under causing ill health, anxiety and depression. In those times we feel like we’re drowning and need someone to save.

Refuse to lead a mediocre Life

overcome challenges

But everyone has to deal with major challenges at sometime and that’s a part of life.  Also some people have far bigger challenges than others. So while some people will allow themselves to get dragged under, others are unsinkable and that’s what we should all strive for…to be unsinkable!

It’s possible to get your life back on track so that success, happiness and inner peace can be yours. But a lot of people find it easier and it can happen so much faster when they have a mentor to guide them. A method of getting them through the process of moving forward.

And the good news is, it’s totally possible to have what you desire and it doesn’t have to take a lifetime to achieve it.  Also this is your life we’re talking about so you shouldn’t dismiss this option for yourself. Because you are worth it!

Our circumstances through life are always changing. 

And you can get stuck in the old pattern of life rather than seeing that it’s possible to create a new lifestyle.

For some people their main challenges are in one area of their life.  And for others they feel that their whole life seems to be a mess.

We are all born into a certain type of life. But we don’t have to live the life we were given, we can make a life of our own choosing. The challenges in life don’t have to define who you are and what you are capable of achieving.

Are you being too hard on yourself?

Do you think when things go wrong in your life that it must mean that you are a screw up. And that nothing ever works out for you? Maybe you are even convinced that you’re not meant to be successful. After all you’ve tried things before and look what always happens!

When I say you need to learn to control your mind, it’s because, if you are thinking those types of negative thoughts, they are holding you back. And the fact is, you are already using your mind but not in a way that is helping you. You are letting your mind control you rather than taking your power back and changing your negative thinking to positive thoughts.

Do you talk yourself out of things you want to do?

woman having thoughts

Life is happening even when we’re not paying attention to it. And opportunities are always around us but sometimes we’re too caught up in other stuff to see them.  Also we can become too distracted with totally unimportant things to notice anything other than what’s right in front of our nose.

keep in mind that the things that have happened in the past have taught you lessons and made you stronger. Whether it’s with trying something new that didn’t work out, or with relationships. If it didn’t work, then obviously you will do things differently the next time. Be inspired to apply the lesson you’ve learned into your present life!

Go after great goals that are worth having

And if you’re going to make a goal, make it something worth having.  Just remember if the vision is large enough, the end result is likely going to take far longer than you expect. But when you achieve it the reward will be so much greater.

So set the goals you want to achieve with a state of excitement and optimism. Picture something you can see yourself achieving and loving the outcome!

You don’t have to be a prisoner of your past

set yourself free

Remember it doesn’t matter what happened before, Just keep your focus on what you want and hold the vision in your mind.

Make this your own life and create it with more balance, more fulfillment, more joy, and even more financial success.

Our mind causes so many of our problems in life and is the reason for so much of our suffering. And this is why so much emphasis is given to controlling your thoughts.  Everything is a choice that we make. What we believe, how we act, if we think we are worthy or not, if we are good enough, and if we believe we are lovable or not.

Replace limiting beliefs, habits and actions

We have many types of limiting beliefs that keep us stuck and stop us from living the life we want. Let’s be honest, when did you decide that you couldn’t do something?  Was it when someone told you that you couldn’t do something. Or that you were useless at something?  And remember this, you’ll only go as far as your mind will let you.

And as children we are naturally creative. We play, we use our imagination and express ourselves. Plus we dance and sing in front of others and have no inhibitions, that’s until we get older.

Once you shift your mind everything in your life will shift too.

Start something new

When you elevate your thoughts and start feeling inspired you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve in your life. And what you put your focus on will become stronger in your life.

We think negative thoughts about 80% of the time. So if your thoughts are always negative expect negativity to show up in your life.  And when you change those thoughts to positive you can expect positive results.

Why do we feel so bad?

The biggest reason for our unhappiness, doubt, fear and anxiety is our thoughts. They are the reason we feel bad. Because our thoughts affect our emotions and then we feel those same emotions. But often it’s not the situation that’s making us feel bad, but it’s the thoughts about the situation.

This is because we put meanings to our situations with our own thoughts. And if we don’t take control of our thoughts that is going to be the results we get.

And when we think of something negative that has happened, our thoughts of the memory of it tends to exaggerate that memory. So it ends up that it’s not even what happened anymore.

The most difficult situation for all of us is dealing with loss and grief.  

Sometimes we can feel that we are in impossible situations and wonder if we will ever get over it. And yet we plow through and somehow overcome them. We’re a lot stronger than we sometimes think we are.

And as much as we hate some of the things we have to deal with, challenges are normal and part of life and happens to all of us.

But how do we get past these challenges? At some point we make a decision to get past whatever is going on and we survive. We learn to become unsinkable!

Do you want to turn things around in your life?