Managing Your Mind To Lower Fear And Anxiety During Covid-19

Remember Your Mindset Is Everything Right Now.

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The power of your mindset

 I know, it’s not easy these days. So having the right mindset is more important now than ever. Most people find that their lives have changed dramatically in these past weeks.

And many are locked down at home wondering what to think and what  do with themselves.  Also on the other hand there are countless people working from home.  Plus a huge number have been laid off temporarily or permanently lost their jobs.

At no other time, ever in our lives, have we gotten the opportunity to see what would happen if the world as we know it simply stopped. But here we are!

So if you’re finding yourself feeling stressed, worried, fearful or anxious with all the talk of Covid-19 , it’s important that you manage this. And the best way is to steer your mind to something more positive. This is a time to focus on keeping your mind as well as your body healthy. Because many people are going to suffer more mentally than physically by being in a high state of fear and anxiety.

You Need To Keep Your Immune System Strong

It’s a known fact that stress, worry, fear and anxiety can wreak havoc on your body and lower your immune system. So controlling your thoughts to reduce the fear and anxiety is especially important for your health.

And this certainly is not to discount what’s going on and the severity of it all.  But your mental health really is just as important as your physical health. Also keep in mind that many are sitting back, worried, watching or waiting for what comes next. And there are those out there including in the media that are making things worse by fanning the flames of fear.

Because of this there is a lot of harm being done by exaggerated  and non evidence based information flying around. And these are people and organizations abusing their positions in order to create more fear and panic.

Keep Your Perspective And Don’t Blow Things Out Of Proportion

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Also always remember that  it’s not what’s going on outside of you that’s causing you to feel the way you do. It’s your thoughts about what’s going on outside of you that’s causing you to feel the way you do. And  that it’s actually your negative thoughts that are causing your suffering.

How To React And Act In Spite Of Fear, Doubt And Uncertainty.

Life is changing and so are we. Also we are creatures of habit, so what you’re doing right now may become your new habits of the future.  And the habits of many years maybe changed forever.

Some people may never again go back to the workplace and will continue to work from home. Many will find that their priorities have changed. And some people will find their relationships have changed, hopefully for the better but for some that won’t be the case.

Maybe you are going through this isolation alone and have discovered you are stronger than you thought. Or perhaps you are in a small crowded environment and wishing you were alone.  Many are probably wishing for the opposite to what they actually have. But in the end most of us will come out of this changed in some way.

Time To Take Stock Of Your Life And Where It’s Heading

This situation we find ourselves in is forcing many of us to take a good look at our life.  And many will discover the desire to reinvent themselves and their present life. Whatever this may be this is a good time to get a bit creative and find ways to turn problems into opportunities.

And that may be in what you will do personally and professionally going forward when all of this starts to settle down again. When people start to get their life together many discover one of the things that make a huge difference is that they stop letting their circumstances create their reality.

What’s Going To Be The New Normal In Your Future?

Overcome fear of isolation, dissolve panic, manage health worries, and even become stronger during a crisis. So if you’re feeling low try to understand what made you feel that way. And understand that any stress, worry, anxiety and or fear you may be experiencing right now, is worrying about things that may or may not happen.  And those too are just thoughts!

I know that the thoughts of the future can be scary right now, but they are just thoughts. Don’t get stuck in those negative and stressful “what if” thoughts. And always remember even in the midst of all this that something good can come out of it.

Make This Time Productive What Will You Do With Your Time?  

What will you choose?

You do need to know what’s going on and what you should be doing to stay safe. But you don’t need to sit in front of the TV all day listening to the negative doom and gloom. And you do have a choice, you could be someone that will use that time to be productive and improve your life?

Focus on what you can control because right now this virus is something that’s gotten to be a bit beyond our control. So to strengthen your personal power and give you more hope for the future put your focus on you.  And how you can come out of this monumental situation stronger.

Plus you’ll have more clarity and skills than you ever previously had.

For many making changes in our mindset, habits and focusing on positive change can be tricky to do alone. And especially during this time of uncertainty and chaos when our instinct is to hold on tight to what you know.

But here are some recommendations of personal development courses.  and if you follow and take action will surely help you make positive change in your life. Plus they are all digital so once purchased can be downloaded immediately so no waiting  or procrastination required.

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Dream Builder: A 12 Week Guided Journey Towards Your Dream Life.

What do you dream of having? Better health and vitality, peace of mind or more rewarding relationships. And what about the freedom to do what you want,  better career opportunities and discover and follow your passion.

This program will give you powerful and engaging video and audio lessons, each with a different key that will help you move closer toward your dreams. Also guided meditation related to the lessons. You can discover more about Dream Builder through this link.

My Morning Mentor Course From Mary Morrissey.

Receive 3 critical tools  for success each morning. Feeling restless and that you are meant for more in this life but you’re not sure how to go about getting it?

Also you can get proven strategies and uplifting inspiration to get your life on track and live your higher purpose. So stop drifting through life waiting and hoping something will happen to change your life. You have to do it and you can with the help and support of My Morning Mentor.  Start each morning with specific steps and practices to move you toward your dream.  For more information on My Morning Mentor click this link

Magic In Your Mind with Bob Proctor and friends

three personal Development Coahes

A three in one mind expanding  six week coaching program . For people that struggle with achieving their goals and getting what they really want. Also Learn how to Develop Your Higher Mental Faculties. And learn how to bridge the gap from where you are to where you want to be.

And this great course is presented by three of the best personal development mentors of our time.  Bob Proctor, Sandy Gallagher, and Mary Morrissey  will be your coaches. And they will coach you on your six higher mental faculties, imagination, intuition, will, perception, memory and reason.

Plus  they will help you develop the thoughts that will produce the success that you want by developing your higher mental faculties.  Check out magic in your mind through this link

Manifestation Miracle For Those Interested In Manifesting

And many are interested to know more on this topic. Also this is an extremely  popular program on manifesting what you want from life. It’s something many people have heard of but not sure what they think about it or don’t know enough.

Also this is offered in a digital format and or as a physical course. Discover Abundance Success, abundant wealth, Love and happiness and money mind.

You can check out your options on this link provided. Plus the digital format is available instantly and is discounted in price.  But with the physical format if you prefer that, it’s possible to get both if you want. Plus you can start with the digital while awaiting delivery of the physical product. So to discover more on Manifestation Miracle click this link

So many changes we have no control of.  But this is your opportunity for changing what you can control for yourself. Also a time to recharge and reset your life keeping any changes that have been for the better.  Keep your chin up and carry on! Don’t let this blip in your life take away what you truly want and are capable of having.


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